The Call of Humanity

The God of Christianity deserves our wholehearted commitment because He is good and just. He is the only rightful ruler of the Universe. He revealed His character more clearly to us by sending His son, Jesus, to rescue us from the rule of sin. Although we may never see the all-consuming, eternal Creator God, we can see His only son Jesus for all eternity and through Him, we can know the Father as well. The Holy Spirit makes the Father and the Son so real to us even while we live in this age. We can experience the presence of God!

Throughout our lifetime, we must choose who is our king. This choice will determine our eternal fate, whether we will be close to God in His kingdom or far away from Him in eternal damnation with Lucifer and his demons.

There will be a final judgment where all evil done towards humanity in an attempt to hurt the Creator God, who loves us greatly, will be dealt with and all voices of accusation will be silenced. (John. 3:16, Act. 17:31)

You have a significant role in this epic battle and its final events. Our God needs people from every era, nation, and background to testify to two things. Firstly, He has never forced you to serve Him, but rather you do it of your own free will and you do it gladly. 

Secondly, that you believe He is the right ruler for the Universe, and you submit to His rulership that will be executed through His son, Jesus, our saviour. That you agree the system he created and the plan written out in the Bible is the only one you want to live in. Can you testify to this in the last judgment if you are called out to voice your opinion?

If you are searching for a greater purpose in life, something to live and die for, something that provides you with strength in the face of life’s challenges, battles, or even traumas, then I want to tell you this: You were born to honor and serve God. Your life has a purpose that is greater than anything you could have ever imagined. It is more than just surviving this earthly life as a Christian the best you know how and going to heaven after you die.

It is to be a witness and restore God’s honor right now, right here while you are on this Earth.

You were born to shut the mouth of darkness by choosing Jesus to be your King and by choosing it over and over again.

The great thing about this is that if you put God’s reputation and his Kingdom first in your life, he will make sure you and your needs are taken care of. (Matt 3:16)

You can pray this prayer today and every day for the rest of your life,

God, I believe that you have created me for a purpose. Show me what my part is in your plan. I desire to be on the right side of your throne at the end of this age, testifying that you are good and just, the only right ruler for the Universe. I submit to your rulership, Jesus, and I am willing to serve you forever. I will never change my mind. I do this willingly and gladly, asking you to take my life and use it to bring honor and glory to your name. Amen.

If you have questions or want to contact the author, Anne-Mari, you can write to [email protected]. She would love to hear from you!