Background to the story

As a young pastor, I noticed that many people, especially the younger generation, struggled with their commitment to wholeheartedly follow their faith. People questioned their reasons for attending the local church and serving God. Some found it difficult to even engage in worship.

Somewhere along the road, we may ask an honest question like why we even worship God or go beyond normal religious activity to show our loyalty to him if we can get to heaven simply by saying the salvation prayer. 

I had parents who wanted me to have an answer to this question, an answer that would keep my faith alive even in difficult circumstances. I remember hearing from them about this from a very early age.

The core revelation of this book is not mine but was passed down to me by my father. In the 1970s, when he was in his thirties, he sought a biblical answer to humankind’s existence. During this time God revealed to him the battle in the heavenly realm and the unresolved accusation against our Creator God. As my father pastored in Finland, this revelation became even stronger, and our whole family drew strength from it to endure in faith during difficult opposition. He has done several teaching series and books on this subject, and our church even created a TV show about his teachings that aired on the national TV channel TV7 in 2012.

I have written this story to help people understand the impact of their words, choices, and actions. My goal is to provide a perspective from God’s point of view on the trials and tribulations of humanity. It took me a long time to write this, with lots of prayer and tears before the Lord, but finally, it is here! Now, you can join me on a journey into the heavenly realm and learn about God’s plan for humanity.

I, along with my father, understand that no single human can fully comprehend God’s reasons and wisdom for creating humanity. However, I have found that this story, when understood correctly, promotes the Gospel of the Kingdom. This Gospel revolves around God’s honor and Kingdom, putting our humanistic desires and purposes in a secondary place. As such, I welcome any perspective that motivates me, or anyone else, to consistently live and fight for God’s honor with every fiber of our being.

The Author